By combining the complementary strengths of SEM and AFM, FusionScope opens the door to a whole world of new application possibilities.

Use the FusionScope for detailed Material Characterization of your samples and perform correlative analysis of their structural, mechanical, electrical, magnetic, and chemical properties on exactly the region of interest.

Whether you are looking for high-level Quality Control of component parts or want to perform Failure Analysis on electrical components or semiconductor devices, FusionScope will help you to get the job done. Benefit from the fast and intuitive workflow to extract the data you are looking for.

Combining high-resolution SEM and state-of-the-art AFM you can easily characterize Nanostructures such as nanowires, 2D-materials, and nanoparticles. FusionScope gives you full control to locate the Nanostructures and perform the measurements of your choice.

Using FusionScope in Life Science applications allows you to acquire the nanoscale morphology of biological samples accurately and easily. Especially for hard-to-reach sample areas or very small features, FusionScope allows you to characterize physical properties such as 3D topography, stiffness, and adhesion with the highest precision.




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